CASA- Voices For Children

Concerned over making decision about abused and neglected children's lives without sufficient information, a Seattle judge conceived the idea of using tained community volunteers to speak for the best interest of children in court. This program founded in Seattle was so successful that judges across the country began utilizing citizen advocates. In 1990, the U.S. Congress encouraged the expansion of CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, with the passage of the Victims of Child Abuse Act. In 2012, more than 77,000 CASA volunteers helped 234,000 abused and neglected children find save, permanent home. 

CASA has received support from the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation since 1989. The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation selected CASA as its philanthropy has provided funds for a variety of projects, including start-up grants and public awareness videos.

Voices for Children is the local CASA chapter, providing Court Appointed Special Advocates to abused and neglected children in the following counties: Brazos, Burleson, and Grimes. CASA volunteers are trained community members who "stand up" for children - giving them a voice in the court system. Each volunteers commit to a child (or sibling set), addressing his/her needs and seeking placement in a safe, permanent home. CASA volunteers stay with the case until it is closed; for many abused and neglected children, their CASA volunteer will be the one constant adult presence in their lives. 

Scotty's House

As the Child Advocacy Center of the Brazos Valley, Scotty's House is dedicated to providing services to abused children and their families in order to bring comfort in times of crisis and lay a foundation for a healthy future. Founded in 1995, Scotty's House serves the following counties: Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison Robertson and Washington.

Children are refereed to Scotty's House by law enforcement officials, CPS investigators, and medical professionals. Scotty's House is a neutral entity, providing a supportive and nurturing environment where a child victim and their family can interact with the necessary agencies. At Scotty's House, the child always comes first.